Our Annual Retreat

Join us at our annual summer retreat on beautiful Lake Buffalo, Minnesota.

Annual Retreat 2018

We gather every August at a retreat center in Buffalo, Minnesota. The setting is a beautiful spot along the shore of Buffalo Lake and we fill the retreat center with our group for three days of classes and events; with many members taking advantage of early arrival days for additional independent stitching.

  • Dates: August 8 – 12, 2018. Early arrival begins August 6, 2017.
  • Theme: Stitching in the Northwoods: Where Needle, Thread, and Friends Meet
  • Registration will open in February or March 2018

Retreat FAQ and Updates

There are no updates at this time.

Teachers, Classes and Projects for Retreat 2018

Terri Bay


Margarette Kinsey


Paulette Paquette


Retreat Location

Christ the King Retreat Center, Buffalo, Minnesota

621 1st Ave S
Buffalo, MN 55313

List of Past Retreat Faculty and Classes

1991 – 2016

2016 Retreat

Toni Gerdes (The Wright Kimono, Texture as a Design Element), Sylvia Murariu (Windy October, Serenity, Romanian Point Lace Lecture), Carolyn Standing Webb (Feather Your Nest, Ivory)
Theme:  Sharing our Wisdom (Owls)


Michele Roberts (Ukranian Eggs and Basket, Metalcraft 101,”‘Faux”bergé Egg – Flower Wreath), Betsy Morgan (Edinburgh Etui, Edinburgh Reticule, Helix Etui), Deborah Gale Tirico (Harvest Penny Rug, Heartsease Table Rug).
Theme: Stitching the Fabric of Community


Catherine Theron (Wee Bunny Scissors Box, No Place Like Home Stitchery Book, Bless This House Sampler), Kay Stanis (Jacobean Fantasy, Summer Sonata), Barb Kobe (Art Dolls and Nature Dolls, Meaningful Stitching).
Theme: Embrace the Pace (Tortoise and the Hare)


Catherine Jordan (Ruby Beauty Box, Creating Needlework Maps), Lynn Payette (Treasure, San Antonio Angel, Beautiful Birches), Celine Perkins (Twist and Shout Tote, Crossroads, Scalloping Basics, Easy Medallion).
Theme: Sisters of the Heart


Jean Campbell (Chat Noir, Peyote Buttons, Sakura), Jackie du Plessis (A is for Acorn, The Briar Rose Etui, A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Beautiful), Orna Willis (Tiny Treasures: Square, Yuval Cuff, Color Inspiration).
Theme: Acorns to Oak Trees, Growing with the Guild


Meredith Barnhill-Willett (Goldwork Design and Discovery, Lift Your Wings) Jeanette Biederman (Crazy Quilt Coat) Tricia Wilson-Nguyen (Abby Cozens 1863 Sampler, Jacobean Silk Purl Flower, Garden of Eden Etui).
Theme: Stitching by the Lake


Leslie Granbeck (Felted Slippers, Felted Beads and Baubles, Felted Vessels, Felted Lattice Bag) Carole Lake (St. Basil’s Cathedral) Robin Laukhoff (My Favorite Scottish Sampler, Peacock Fancy Ensemble, What’s the Point Pincushion).
Theme: POOFFF (Peacocks Or Other Fine Feathered Friends)


Tanya Berlin (2-sided Embroidery, Blackwork and Shadow work) Marlene Doak (Studio Time) Leora Raikin (African Folklore Embroidery & Applique) Jo Wood (Bead Embroidery, Beaded Pin). Theme: Taking Inspiration from Pond Scum


Lauren Sauer (The Mermaid’s Tresor Box, Key to my Heart, A Melon Bag) Tricia Spitzmuller (Fabric Collage, Fabric Painting and Embellishment) Kay Stanis (Winter Wonders). Theme: Mermaids


Jane Nicholas (Turkish Tile Panel, Hellebore, Berries and Dragonfly) Marion Scoular (Blackwork Acorn and Oak Leaves, Hummingbird, Hem Stitch Sampler) Caela Conn Tyler (Foiled Again, Fleur de Lis). Theme: Butterflies


Madelyn Butts (Captivating Necklace, Russian Leaves, Bracelet) Carole Lake (Canvas Embellishment) Joanne Harvey (Anna Prescott Sampler, 2 other samplers) Thea Dueck (Stitching in the Garden, Christmas Treasures).
Theme: Crows

Previous years 1991-2005

2005-Marcia Brown (Finishing Class 1, Ornament Finishing) Wendy White (Lady’s Companion 1 & 2, Rapunzel’s Tower) Marcia Brown & Wendy White (Lancaster Manor Pocket) Diane Clements (Beaded Evening Bag) Gail Sirna (One Last Topiary, Christmas Topiary).
Theme: Ladybugs

2004-Susan Kerndt (Iris Crystale) Helen Thorn (Seasonal Surprise) C.A. Wells (Sampler Slide Purse, Victorian Needle Cottage, La Lapin Pendant).
Theme: Garden of Stitches

2003-Jane Ellen Balzuweit (The Royal Garden Pulled Thread) Jean Mann (Autumn Colors, Fall Fantasy) Orna Willis (Kanya Cuff).
Theme: Rainbows

2002-Barbara Mayo Grass (Exotic Beauty Warm, Exotic Beauty Cool) Janice Love (On Golden Love/Goldbox) Catherine Theron (Elegant Sewing Roll, Exemplar 1 and 2).
Theme: Bees

2001-Jody Adams (Summer Porch; Fall Porch) Merry Cox (Grateful to Thee Sewing Box) Shay Pendray (Moon Princess)
Theme: Dragonflies

2000-Diane Fitzgerald (Gingko Leaf 2) Barbara Mayo Grass (Patchwork and Peonies) Lauren Sauer (The Golden Garden Sweet Bag; Raphaels’ Raspberries) Lucy Senstad (Miniature Landscape)
Theme: Millenium

1999-Tony Minieri (A Winter’s Tale) Carolyn Sherman (Fabric Manipulations Jacket) C. A. Wells (Etui and Scissors Keeper)

1998-Jody Adams (A Summer Place) Joanne Harvey (German Band Sampler; Ann Bowers Sampler; Queen Stitch Pinball) Deanna Powell (Rose Trellis Vest)

1997-Janice Love (Triple Crown Hardanger) Elsa Parrish (Quilting Bee) Catherine Theron (Examplar 1 and 2)

1996-Nan Tyson Euler (Embroidery Collcetions of Britain Echoed in a Sewing Case) Francye Farley (Gemstone Embellishments) Louise Meyer (The Garden House) Helen Thorn (North Country Critters)

1995-Lily Fox (Beaded Charm Pouch) Deanna Powell (Vested Images) Barbara Rakosnick (Windsor Rose Sampler) Marnie Ritter (Needle Painting)

1994-Jane Bonner (Perforated Paper: Personal, Practical and Pretty) Betty Chen Louis (Peony Ribbons) Linda Driskell (Christmas Basket Sampler) Constance Howard (White on White)

1993-Lily Fox (Pulled and Drawn Thread Sewing Set) June Moes (Painting on Silk) Genny Morrow (Nova)
Either 1992 or 1993-Darlene O’Steen (My Secret Garden Sampler)

1992-Marilyn Hann (Color Experiments) Jean Hilton (French Diamond) Jocelyn Patterson (Stitches with Heart)

1991: Eleanor Bockheim (Wall Hanging of Ethinic Borders) Joyce Lukomski (Shimmering Jewels) June Moes (20th Century Backwork, Goldwork, and Pulled Thread).


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Meeting Location:

Meetings are held in the large fireplace room on the lower level. The room is accessible by stairs or elevator.

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church
7227 Penn Ave South
Richfield, Minnesota 55423

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

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