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Past Retreat Teachers

2023 Retreat 

44th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 9-13, 2023 - optional Mon. Aug 7 arrival

Theme: Dog Days of Stitching

Co-Chairs: Connie Rosen and Glenda Overmann

  • Kathy Andrews (Simple Gifts - Embroidered Shaker Box and Tulip Needlebook) - Cancelled due to low enrollment.
  • Nancy Cucci (October Treats and Anniversary Heart)
  • Catherine Theron (Whitework Delight Sampler and Birds of a Feather Sewing Book)

2022 Retreat 

43rd Annual Retreat – Wed. August 10-14, 2022 – optional Mon. Aug 8 arrival

Theme: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Co-Chairs: Kym Duea and Carol Pedersen

  • Amy Mitten (From Around the World, A Thread of Connection, Secrets of a Queen – Part 1 and Part 2 Mystery Story and Sampler)
  • Deborah Mitek (Damselin Flight, Proudly Peacock, Summer’s End)
  • Sandra Arthur (Crazy Needles Pincushion, Canvas Embellishment)

2021 Retreat

  • Canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic

2020 Retreat

Theme: Embracing the Past with an Eye to the Future

  • The in-person event canceled due to Covid19 Pandemic but two virtual events were held via Zoom: Amy Mitten’s lecture on Scottish Samplers and a Guild Update/Show & Tell gathering

2019 Retreat 

42nd Annual Retreat – Wed. August 7-11, 2019 – optional Mon. Aug 5 arrival

Theme: Finishing School

Co-Chairs: Stacy Handeland and Lee Ann Lause

  • Margaret Bendig (Patriotic Sparklers, Silk Box and Needlebook, Star Dance)
  • Cathy Habermann (Snow on the Ground, Crocus Blue, The Flat Finish)
  • Lisa Binkley (Art of Beads on Cloth, Finishing Techniques with Bead Embroidery)

2018 Retreat 

41st Annual Retreat - Wed. August 8-12, 2018 – optional Mon. Aug 6 arrival

Theme: Stitching In The Northwoods

Co-Chairs: Connie Rosene and Glenda Overmann

  • Terri Bay (St. Paul Snowdrift, Diamonds and Lace Tray, Sara's Filigree Ornament)
  • Margaret Kinsey (Scroll with Flower, Study in Rozashi Basics - Tulips, Patterns in Blue and Green)
  • Paulette Paquette (Elton, the Near-Sighted Owl, Billy, the Great Horned Owl, Poppies and Lavender)

2017 Retreat

Theme: Sunflowers
  • Nancy Cucci (My Vintage Heart, For the Love of Chocolate, Silver & Crystal Adventure)
  • Thea Dueck (A Gingerbread Flower Shop, Sunflower Cottage Pillow)
  • Ruthmarie Hoffman (Well of Wishes II, Bead Me Square)

2016 Retreat

Theme: Sharing our Wisdom (Owls)

  • Toni Gerdes (The Wright Kimono, Texture as a Design Element)
  • Sylvia Murariu (Windy October, Serenity, Romanian Point Lace Lecture)
  • Carolyn Standing Webb (Feather Your Nest, Ivory)

2015 Retreat 

38th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 12-16, 2015 – optional Mon. Aug 10 arrival

Theme: Stitching the Fabric of Community

Co-Chairs: Denise Beusen and Carol Pedersen

  • Michele Roberts (Ukranian Eggs and Basket, Metalcraft 101,”‘Faux”bergé Egg – Flower Wreath)
  • Betsy Morgan (Edinburgh Etui, Edinburgh Reticule, Helix Etui)
  • Deborah Gale Tirico (Harvest Penny Rug, Heartsease Table Rug)

2014 Retreat 

37th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 13-17, 2014 –optional Mon. Aug 11 arrival

Theme: Embrace the Pace (Tortoise and the Hare)

Co-Chairs: Jane Tracy and Lynn Kindem

  • Catherine Theron (Wee Bunny Scissors Box, No Place Like Home Stitchery Book, Bless This House Sampler)
  • Kay Stanis (Jacobean Fantasy, Summer Sonata)
  • Barb Kobe (Art Dolls and Nature Dolls, Meaningful Stitching)

2013 Retreat 

36th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 7-11, 2013 – optional Mon. Aug 5 arrival

Theme: Sisters of the Heart

Co-Chairs: Kathy Peterson and Stacy Handeland

  • Catherine Jordan (Ruby Beauty Box, Creating Needlework Maps)
  • Lynn Payette (Treasure, San Antonio Angel, Beautiful Birches)
  • Celine Perkins (Twist and Shout Tote, Crossroads, Scalloping Basics, Easy Medallion)

2012 Retreat 

35th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 8-12, 2012 – optional Mon. Aug 6 arrival

Theme: Acorns to Oak Trees, Growing with the Guild

Co-Chairs: Jillann Farwell and Carol Pedersen

  • Jean Campbell (Chat Noir, Peyote Buttons, Sakura)
  • Jackie du Plessis (A is for Acorn, The Briar Rose Etui, A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Beautiful)
  • Orna Willis (Tiny Treasures: Square, Yuval Cuff, Interpretive Color)

2011 Retreat 

34th Annual Retreat – Wed. August 10-14, 2011 – optional Mon. Aug 8 arrival

Theme: Week[end] by the Lake

Co-Chairs: Elaine Frankowski and JoAnn Kappel

  • Meredith Barnhill-Willett (Goldwork Design and Discovery, Lift Your Wings)
  • Jeanette Biederman (Crazy Quilt Coat) 
  • Tricia Wilson Nguyen (Abby Cozens 1863 Sampler, Jacobean Silk Purl Flower, Garden of Eden Etui)

2010 Retreat 

33rd Annual Retreat - Wed. August 11-15, 2010 – optional Mon. Aug 9 arrival

Theme: POOFFF (Peacocks Or Other Fine Feathered Friends)

Co-Chairs: Susan Anderson and Jan Kelly

  • Leslie Granbeck (Felted Slippers, Felted Beads and Baubles, Felted Vessels, Felted Lattice Bag) 
  • Carole Lake (St. Basil’s Cathedral) 
  • Robin Laukhoff (My Favorite Scottish Sampler, Peacock Fancy Ensemble, What’s the Point Pincushion)

2009 Retreat 

32nd Annual Retreat - Thur. August 13-16, 2009 – optional Mon. Aug 10 arrival

Theme: Taking Inspiration from Pond Scum

Co-Chairs: Sara Graffunder and Lee Popp

  • Tanja Berlin (2-sided Embroidery, Blackwork, and Shadow work) 
  • Marlene Doak (Needlepoint/Canvas Work Studio Time)
  • Leora Raikin (African Folklore Embroidery & Appliqué) 
  • Jo Wood (Bead Embroidery, Beaded Pin)

2008 Retreat 

31st Annual Retreat - Thur. August 14-17, 2008 – optional Mon. Aug 11 arrival

Theme: Mermaids

  • Lauren Sauer (The Mermaid’s Tresor Box, Key to my Heart, A Melon Bag) 
  • Tricia Spitzmuller (Fabric Collage, Fabric Painting and Embellishment) 
  • Kay Stanis (Winter Wonders)

2007 Retreat 

30th Annual Retreat - Thur. August 9-12, 2007 – optional Mon. Aug 6 arrival

Theme: Butterflies

Co-Chairs: Sandy Resnick and Janet Withoff

  • Jane Nicholas (Turkish Tile Panel, Hellebore, Berries and Dragonfly) 
  • Marion Scoular (Blackwork Acorn and Oak Leaves, Hummingbird, Hem Stitch Sampler) 
  • Caela Conn Tyler (Foiled Again, Fleur de Lis)

2006 Retreat 
29th Annual Retreat - Thur. August 10-13, 2006 – optional Mon. Aug 7 arrival

Theme: Crows

Co-Chairs: Kathe Lyndsley and Rhonda Nord

  • Madelyn Butts (Captivating Necklace, Russian Leaves, Bracelet) 
  • Carole Lake (Painted Canvas Embellishment, Group Therapy: Get Over your Fear of Painted Canvases) 
  • Joanne Harvey (Katharina Holden Sampler, Hannah Prescott Sampler, Betsy Davis Sampler) 
  • Thea Dueck (Stitching in the Garden, Christmas Treasures)

2005 Retreat

Theme: Ladybugs

  • Marcia Brown (Finishing Class 1, Ornament Finishing) 
  • Wendy White (Lady’s Companion 1 & 2, Rapunzel’s Tower) 
  • Marcia Brown & Wendy White (Lancaster Manor Pocket) 
  • Diane Clements (Beaded Evening Bag) 
  • Gail Sirna (One Last Topiary, Christmas Topiary)

2004 Retreat

Theme: Garden of Stitches

  • Susan Kerndt (Iris Crystale) 
  • Helen Thorn (Seasonal Surprise) 
  • C.A. Wells (Sampler Slide Purse, Victorian Needle Cottage, La Lapin Pendant)

2003 Retreat

Theme: Rainbows

  • Jane Ellen Balzuweit (The Royal Garden Pulled Thread) 
  • Jean Mann (Autumn Colors, Fall Fantasy) 
  • Orna Willis (Kanya Cuff)

2002 Retreat

Theme: Bees

  • Barbara Mayo Grass (Exotic Beauty Warm, Exotic Beauty Cool) 
  • Janice Love (On Golden Love/Goldbox) 
  • Catherine Theron (Elegant Sewing Roll, Exemplar 1 and 2)

2001 Retreat

Theme: Dragonflies

  • Jody Adams (Summer Porch; Fall Porch) 
  • Merry Cox (Grateful to Thee Sewing Box) 
  • Shay Pendray (Moon Princess)

2000 Retreat

Theme: Millenium

  • Diane Fitzgerald (Gingko Leaf 2) 
  • Barbara Mayo Grass (Patchwork and Peonies) 
  • Lauren Sauer (The Golden Garden Sweet Bag; Raphaels’ Raspberries) 
  • Lucy Senstad (Miniature Landscape)

1999 Retreat

  • Tony Minieri (A Winter’s Tale) 
  • Carolyn Sherman (Fabric Manipulations Jacket) 
  • C. A. Wells (Etui and Scissors Keeper)

1998 Retreat

  • Jody Adams (A Summer Place) 
  • Joanne Harvey (German Band Sampler; Ann Bowers Sampler; Queen Stitch Pinball) 
  • Deanna Powell (Rose Trellis Vest)

1997 Retreat

  • Francye Farley (Gemstone Embellishments)
  • Janice Love (Triple Crown Hardanger) 
  • Elsa Parrish (Quilting Bee) 
  • Catherine Theron (Exemplar 1 and 2)

1996 Retreat

  • Nan Tyson Euler (Embroidery Collections of Britain Echoed in a Sewing Case) 
  • Louise Meyer (The Garden House) 
  • Helen Thorn (North Country Critters)

1995 Retreat

  • Lily Fox (Beaded Charm Pouch) 
  • Deanna Powell (Vested Images) 
  • Barbara Rakosnik (Windsor Rose Sampler) 
  • Marnie Ritter (Needle Painting)

1994 Retreat

  • Jane Bonner (Perforated Paper: Personal, Practical and Pretty) 
  • Betty Chen Louis (Peony Ribbons) 
  • Linda Driskell (Christmas Basket Sampler) 
  • Constance Howard (White on White)

1993 Retreat

  • Lily Fox (Pulled and Drawn Thread Sewing Set) 
  • June Moes (Painting on Silk) 
  • Genny Morrow (Nova)
  • Either 1992 or 1993 - Darlene O’Steen (My Secret Garden Sampler)

1992 Retreat

  • Marilyn Hann (Color Experiments) 
  • Jean Hilton (French Diamond) 
  • Jocelyn Patterson (Stitches with Heart)

1991 Retreat

  • Eleanor Bockheim (Wall Hanging of Ethnic Borders) 
  • Joyce Lukomski (Shimmering Jewels) 
  • June Moes (20th Century Backwork, Goldwork, and Pulled Thread)

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